Alternative to Incarceration via Rehabilitation-AIR

Corrisoft’s Alternative to Incarceration via Rehabilitation (AIR) program is built on three primary pillars: Accountability, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration. The system allows all three to integrate with one another in order to create an innovative, evidence-based solution specifically designed to support community-based supervision agencies in their efforts to effectively manage and reform offenders. The AIR program provides supervision agencies with a smartphone offender monitoring solution that improves offender activity management and simplifies agency efforts to facilitate the programs proven to reform behavior and break the cycle of recidivism.

Working in partnership with agencies, Corrisoft sees compliance administration as a means for supervision officers and case managers to help offenders become accountable for their own improvement and break the cycle of recidivism. The AIR program makes it easier for supervision agencies to efficiently manage offender activity, and with Corrisoft serving a support role, AIR affords agencies the additional resources necessary to carry out their offender reform mission.

The AIR program uses a customized, fully-controlled smartphone to serve as both a highly-accurate monitoring device as well as a powerful tool connecting offenders to agency-provided resources and community support programs. AIR is an offender supervision program built on smartphone technology and expressly developed to enhance officer efficiency, simplify offender activity management, and streamline access to the agency support programs proven to reduce recidivism.

More than just an app, Corrisoft’s AIR program is the only all-in-one, smartphone-based solution that provides and maintains all monitoring equipment, offers in-house smartphone offender monitoring services to supplement agency call centers, and supports case managers in their efforts to provide and facilitate offender resources.

AIR Mobile Connect - The Smartphone Offender Monitoring device of Corrisoft

The AIR Mobile Connect system combines sophisticated tracking technology with innovative offender support services

A holistic approach

Advanced technology for high-touch smartphone offender monitoring

Supporting agencies in their efforts to provide offender support


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