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When it comes to accountability, Corrisoft’s AIR program features a cutting-edge smartphone offender monitoring system built on three industry-leading products: AIR Mobile Connect, AIR Dashboard, and AIR Support. Simply put, AIR’s smartphone offender monitoring system is more technologically advanced than any other in the industry. It is the only one to offer a smartphone paired with a unique identifier as the primary GPS tracking device. In addition, only AIR’s offender monitoring system uses a single, web-based platform capable of managing devices from multiple manufacturers. The AIR program brings it all together by combining 24/7 support services with the advanced technology. The end result is a system that delivers unprecedented offender monitoring capabilities in combination with a smarphone.

AIR Mobile Connect Electronic Monitoring Device for our Smartphone Offender Monitoring program

Connected for Tracking

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AIR Mobile Electronic Monitoring Device for our Smartphone Offender Monitoring program

Designed for Support

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AIR Mobile Connect

AIR Mobile Connect is the corrections industry’s only tracking device that leverages a sophisticated smart phone to provide advanced monitoring capabilities, two-way communication, and instant access to a wide array of offender resources. In addition to the smartphone, the AIR Mobile Connect system features a small, lightweight tamper-proof tether paired with the offender’s smartphone to ensure it is with them at all times.

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AIR Dashboard

AIR Dashboard is a supervising officer’s virtual headquarters for managing and monitoring offenders. Built on the only platform capable of managing devices from multiple manufactures, AIR Dashboard is a simple, web-based user interface that combines offender case management tools with real-time GPS tracking statistics.

AIR Support Call Center for 24/7 monitoring and support for offenders on our smartphone monitoring program

AIR Support

AIR Support is Corrisoft’s in-house, around-the-clock call center operated by specially trained AIR Support Agents. Our agents work closely with offenders to keep them on the right track towards successful reintegration.

Other Monitoring Devices

The AIR program’s offender monitoring system is compatible with multiple devices. Agencies can simultaneously manage different devices from the AIR Dashboard which provides the unprecedented flexibility to operate a mixed inventory of monitoring equipment. Whether you need GSM or CDMA capabilities, the AIR Program has you covered.

System 5000 is compatable with AIR's smartphone offender monitoring program, so you can use both entities on the same system

System 5000 is a GPS monitoring system with on-board intelligence for violation reporting, recording GPS points several times per minute. The system computes and stores locations as well as compliance status without the need to reference cell towers or monitoring centers. Built to withstand the rigors of the corrections market, each integrated component works together to detect tampering and provide accurate and reliable compliance monitoring.

BluTag Electronic Monitoring Device for high risk offender monitoring and is compatable with AIR's smartphone offender monitoring program

The AIR program also accommodates one-piece ankle bracelets. Small, lightweight and tamper-resistant, it is the only one-piece GPS monitoring device capable of detecting, recording and reporting of jamming or shielding the device from receiving GPS signals. Enhanced Secondary Location Technology engages when the bracelet is not receiving GPS signals and it uses data from cell phone towers to track the movements of participants, guaranteeing maximum surveillance and security.


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